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I seek to
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Eagle Eye Counseling & Consulting

Eagle Eye Counseling & Consulting is located in Matthews NC. Having over 30+ years of professional counseling experience, my area of competence is in Mental Health practice as well as Addictions Counseling.


Currently offering Teletherapy Services


Other specialties include:
EMDR Trauma Therapy

Consulting Services

Clinical Supervision for Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors &

Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialists

At Eagle Eye Counseling & Consulting, the focus is on a Keenness for Excellence through Healing, Stability and Empowerment.


I am a highly skilled and compassionate professional dedicated to providing exceptional care within a holistic approach. I have 30+ years of professional counseling experience and have implemented effective treatment for adolescents and adults enduring a variety of mental health and/or substance use disorders. As a Counselor in the healing profession, my emphasis is on furthering your wellness and growth. At Eagle Eye Counseling the focus is on a Keenness for Excellence through healing, stability and empowerment.


As a Clinical Supervisor for both Clinical Mental Health and Addiction Counselors, my role as your Therapist is to help you find the answers already within you.

My area of competence is both in mental health practice and addictions counseling. I have worked with co-occurring disorders, trauma, anxiety, depression, and sexual assault victims within an individual, group or family counseling modality. I utilize a variety of interventions and orientations including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

I believe that an individual functions at their optimal level when identifying various life domains in order to further growth and development. As we are always evolving in the areas of spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and social development, I not only strive for healing and stability, I seek to inspire and empower you.​


Years in Practice: 30+ Years

Master of Arts, Psychology, Long Island University, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, State University at Oneonta, Oneonta, N.Y.


Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor

Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist

Certified Clinical Supervisor

National Certified Counselor

Internationally Certified Clinical Supervisor

Master Addiction Counselor



Initial Clinical Assessment: $280

Avg. cost (per 50 minute Individual Counseling session): $240

Accepted Payment Methods: Cash or Check

In Network with United, BCBS, Aetna

and Cigna

*Reduced fee services are available on a limited case by case basis

* Cancellation Policy: Require 24 hour notice for cancellation

 *If  your insurance is not accepted, you can be provided with a comprehensive billing statement for submission to your insurance provider for potential reimbursement




Alcohol Use Disorder


Bipolar Disorder

Career Counseling

Chronic Illness

Chronic Relapse


Coping Skills

Domestic Violence

Substance Use Disorder

Dual Diagnosis


Life Transitions


Peer Relationships

Relationship Issues

Self Esteem

Sexual Abuse



Women's Issues


Trauma and PTSD



Mental Health

Dissociative Disorders

Mood Disorders

Personality Disorders

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)










Together, we'll focus on a keenness for

About Me
About Me

"I believe motivation is sparked by inspiration and that inspiration is the fuel to activate hidden dreams and goals. No one is stuck forever; there is always a way out and a journey towards healing. Problem solving with a compassionate professional can sometimes be necessary to train the mind to think in a different manner and to conquer the challenges one faces. "

~Lily Mudry

I possess a variety of experiences throughout my professional career, including ten years in the field of developmental disabilities and a total of 30+ years serving mental health and substance use disorders populations in a variety of therapeutic and leadership capacities.


This background has given me the opportunity to accumulate substantial knowledge and skills in a number of functional areas, including utilization of standardized testing, accreditation, performance outcomes, teaching and treatment services.


My work experience also includes oversight of grants management, case consultation, training, and assistance with the development of policies, procedures, and operational procedures. I have supervised Clinical Services Programs at various facilities where my responsibilities included providing Supervision, Coordination, and implementation of services primarily within the Addiction Management, Family Counseling programs, and the Behavioral Healthcare areas.

I have served the intellectually disabled, homeless, mental health, addictive and co-occurring disorders populations as well as provide Clinical Supervision to Clinical Mental Health Counselors and Addiction Counselors during my employment with the Broward County Board of Commissioners.

I was instrumental in implementing and coordinating Emergency Functions following the devastation of Hurricane Wilma for the Human Services Department of Broward County in 2005. I was also responsible for initiating the development of the Behavioral Health Care Program at the opening of the Homeless Assistance Center in Pompano Beach, FL, coordinating services for approximately 130 clients.


I was awarded Employee of the Month during my tenure at Broward County Board of County Commissioners after serving on the Hurricane Recovery Team in 2005. I believe that I have enhanced and added value to the lives of the people that I have been fortunate enough to care for.


It is my heart to bring change to those that are struggling so that they can, once again, feel empowered to strive towards their goals despite past traumas, loss, or chronic clinical symptoms or addictions.

Hardships prepare ordinary people for an
extraordinary destiny

Substance Abuse
Substance Use Disorders & Recovery


I embrace a holistic system of healing, fostering a mind, body and spirit approach. I believe we have to first conquer old patterns of thinking in order to embrace new opportunities that beset us. Many people start to abuse substances as a way to self-medicate their underlying symptoms of depression, anxiety or history of trauma. Once a person with a history of abuse or addiction to alcohol and drugs is ready for Recovery, he or she will need supports in place in order to maximize success. This is essential since Motivation for Recovery may waver from time to time and the continued stressors of life generally maintain.  Education on how to manage Post-Acute Withdrawal symptoms during Early, Middle and Late Stages of Recovery is most important in assisting a person toward complete success toward their goals of Sobriety. Ventilating one’s emotions and using Talk Therapy as a guide or soundboard to check one’s way of thinking and navigating through the frustrations or chronic symptoms one is struggling with can be a most helpful tool.  Relapse is a part of Recovery and developing a Relapse Prevention Plan can be a key component towards success.

Our anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow but only empties today of its

EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing


Through very specialized techniques EMDR assists by decreasing PTSD symptoms or intrusive memories from a prior traumatic episode or when the mind has been overloaded from an overwhelming event. It assists the brain in reprocessing the events or information so that the brain is no longer triggered by the memory of the psychological trauma or experiencing the same traumatic emotions that occurred at the time of the traumatic event. In EMDR you are wide awake and fully alert the entire time. Through EMDR your own self-healing is supported. In addition to its use for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, EMDR has been noted to be successful in treating anxiety, panic attacks, addictions, complicated grief, depression and phobias.

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